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Our estate is made of six complementary parcels – lime- stone, silt and clay – on the best soils of the Blayese ter- roir. Our vines are mainly Merlot, along with Caber- net-Sauvignon and Malbec, some white Sauvignon, and soon some Pinot noir. The vines are 30 years old, on aver- age, and they sit on about 9 hectares. Those 9 hectares are a large garden – and we know every little part of it. The small size of our estate makes it easier to respect the
soil system, vegetative life and biodiversity. We believe in natural sodding, not in chemicals; we pay great atten- tion to pruning and leaf-cutting in order to get each parcel and plant to its optimum maturity. This work is much more manual than mechanical, and it gives us nat- urally low yields – some 30 hectoliters per hectare.