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Some wines result from heritage – ours result from encounters.
In the 1990s, Claude Bonnange, a famous publicist (TBWA’s B), realized he had talked enough about others’ products – it was time to create his own. He chose Blaye – a terroir that may lack a certain prestige, but definitely not quality –, brought life back to a wine estate and gave it his name.

Wine is a way – in the 2000’s, Claude met Paul-Emmanuel Boulmé, an oenologist from a winemaking family, a former philosophy student, and a man with local and global experi- ence. He works in both the vineyard and the winery, and he shares this ethical belief that these two facets of winemaking form a cohesive whole. Success came quickly, with distinc- tions from wine critic Michel Bettane, a ‘coup de coeur’ from Hachette guidebook, and rec- ommendations from the most authoritative French wine magazines.

There have been new encounters in the 2010’s – and with them have come new vines, a new winery, a wider range of wines – and new contributions to the enrichment and consolidation of our identity: constant struggle, respect for vine and wine, freedom to produce wines that taste like us.

There should be one more encounter: you who give sense to our work.